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Innovative young craftsman seeks support to better trade

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Speaking to The Standard recently, Mr Jammeh said his skills in handicraft started at a young age when   he was going to primary school. 

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“I used to make my own pencils even when I was going to primary school. In 2013, I made a plane which was shown on GRTS,” he added.

According to him, his career stands in desperate need of support to showcase his talent not only in the country but beyond the shores of The Gambia to raise the national flag higher.

“This is my trade and I will fully utilise it to the latter,” he said.

Jammeh further revealed that he can make light bulbs, fans and many other electronic materials which are of valuable use to mankind.

He further said that as a young man, he wants to contribute his quota to the development of the nation through his work.

“I don’t want to depend on anybody for my survival but rather be on my own and if possible support others through my handicraft work,” he said.

While stating his recognition of the fact that not everyone can have a white-collar job, he pointed out that promoting ventures like his will aid innovation. He called on young to emulate him to become self-dependent. 

“Quite apart from this work, I also do farming in order to be self-sufficient in food. I am also preparing for Vision 2016 rice sufficiency drive. I have also cultivated beans, sweet potatoes and cassava. The country’s youths especially the unemployed ones should take up skills training so as to become productive citizens of the nation,” Mr Jammeh said.   


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