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Introducing (Awa Manneh)

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“My name is Awa Manneh aka Hawa Matt. I am Gambian by nationality and proud of where I come from. I have been living, working and studying in the US for the last five years or so. I am currently in The Gambia and will stay for like a month or so. I am staying in Bakau. 

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Back in the US, I am still engaged in a lot of activities and initiatives that we someday hope to bring to The Gambia. But at the moment I cannot go into details of that. Yes, I guess am also a rights advocate in my own way. Like few of you guys out there, my philosophy states ‘live and let live. Nobody can judge anybody for the life they choose to live. 

I love children. This is why it is still difficult for me to quit one of my jobs back in Seattle. Like my Home Care Centre thing. The place is full of innocent children and I love them so much. I don’t know if I ever will quit. I am also attending Edmonds Community College to develop my capacity. This is just a start for me. 

I love looking beautiful and sexy. I love going for parties. And I love driving. Reading? Yeah, a little I guess.    

And ohh I am sorry but I gotta send a message out there… just wanna say I  can’t keep calm, its my birthday month, 20 December. Everybody who is anybody in town knows my neighborhood, so don’t wait to be told.”  

Words by Alagie Manneh 


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