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Introducing (Muhammed Sohna Baye)

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He recently joined the music scene but making a name for himself in every corner of the country. He is commonly known as Maha MSB, a resident of Kanifing South and his taking up of music as a career emanated as an inspiration from his brother ‘Admiral B’ who robbed shoulders with great artistes like ‘Mam Bala’ of the ‘Born Africans’ while ‘The Game’ inspired him to take up the hip-hop genre.


Why did you choose music as a career?

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Music is something I like doing since when I was going to school. My brother was also a musician before travelling and through that, I gain more encouragement to concentrate on music.


What is your educational background?

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I am a graduate of Gambia Senior Secondary School and then I proceeded to the British College in Dakar to read law. I diverted to study steel structure but despite all that, music was what I wanted to take up as my career.


When did you first release a song?

I recorded my first song in 2010 but I have been singing all along though I was not seen by then. My second song titled, ‘Doh Di Looh’ became one of the hottest songs and paved a way for me. I shot the video and it was nominated as the third best video out of 33 videos. That was a great achievement and I am glad to say that I have took part in different competitions and it has always been good for me.


What is your relationship with other artistes?

I have that maximum respect for my fellow artistes but if you have to list the top musicians now, I will be part of them because I have produced the same records as them. I was able to pull the same crowd they did and right now I am always part of the biggest shows that happen in The Gambia. This is all because of the good work I have been doing.


How did your collaboration with Kaira Boy come about?

 I am not a Serahule but I live in a place that is well occupied by the Serahules. Fifty percent of my fans club members are all Serahules which led to the inclusion of Kaira Boy in my mix tape launch in 2014. My songs are sung in English and Wolof, so to make it spicy and enjoyable to the Serahules I decided to include him.


Are you signed under any label? 

Yes, I am signed under the Block Entertainment Studio and being who I am today transpired at the label. We work under mutual understanding.


How do you work with your colleagues under the same label?

Wow! We are in a very good terms. We are all united and we do things together with much love for one another be it Oglog, Sophia and the rest. I did my ‘Doh Di Looh’ track with Oglog and G4.


Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?

For The Gambia level, I guess I have already got what I was looking for because everyone knows who I am and people respond positively during my shows. So my target is to be known outside the country and become an international musician.


What’s next?

I will love to call the Maha MSB century swag team and others to come out and witness the April 25th show at Club 22 and I will be also releasing my new song titled, ‘Bul Dem Baima’ on the 28th of May. Watch out for that.


Words by Sise Sawaneh


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