Introducing (Nadinding Sawo)


“I am 21 years of age .I am a resident of Kanifing Layout and a graduate of Muslim Senior Secondary School. I am currently a second year student at The Gambia Technical Training Institute pursuing a programme in Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).

I have always had the passion to work in a bank or any related field as it is always a dream that I will like to fulfill one fine day .My role model is my late mum who had done everything possible for me to further my education .By the grace of Allah I shall always be excellent and dedicated to whatever I do .I look up to my sister, Musu Bakoto Sawo for serving as a good mentor to her sibling by taking good care of us to the best of her ability.

My hobby is playing lawn tennis since I was very young. It is a game of humanity and perseverance loved by many. My philosophy of life is to be very pragmatic and optimistic in whatever conditions I might find myself in because the past is always a record in the future”. 

Word by Sise Sawaneh