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Introducing (Prince Morris)

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A 23-year-old rising Afro Manding star is making a name for himself in the streets of Tabokoto and Kudang.

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“I am commonly known as ‘koe doe leka diyamu’ a resident of Tabokoto and a graduate of Gambia Senior Secondary School in 2013.”


Why did you choose music?

I always have a passion to do music especially songs that help to inform and educate people and being the first musician in Niamina Kudang, I am given all the support to help me succeed in the music career. I have also gained a large fan base in Kanifing South.


When did you start music?

I started doing music in 2011 when I was going to school where I released my first single called ‘education song.’ I do more of Afro Manding songs now.


Apart from music what do you engage in?

I am currently pursuing a certificate in Computer Science at the Gambia Telecommunication Management Institute (GTMI) because I may be a producer even though I am doing music for now.


When did you release your first song?

My first song was released at a graduation ceremony at my school which served as an inspiration to the students to take up their education seriously.


Are you collaborating with top Afro Manding stars?

No, I have not collaborated with any of them yet but it is part of my plans to do so. I am currently working on a mix-tape which will be released very soon.


By Sise Sawaneh


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