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Introducing (Saffiatou Jallow)

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“My name is Saffiatou Jallow and I am 21 years of age. I am a Fula by tribe and resident in Brusubi. I am a graduate of Ndow’s Comprehensive Senior Secondary School and I completed in 2011 in the Arts field.

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Who do you look up to­?

I look up to Oprah Windfrey, a popular and determined woman who has shown dedication and commitment in changing the lives of many especially the less privileged with the limited resources she has and doesn’t ask anything in return. She has inspired me to be strong whenever there are hard times because of the challenges she faced during childhood which she has now overcome.


What have you been doing after graduation?

I am currently a student at the Alliance Francais Gambienne studying French because of my ambition to become a linguist. I believe language acquisition can give insight of a better way to teach and learn different languages which paves the way to apply discoveries in making life better and the positive role it plays in society.


What other things do you do?                    

I am a child rights activist because of the love and care I have for children and I was a member of the Child Protection Alliance.


What do you engage yourself during leisure time?


Hmm, great! I like watching interesting documentaries especially on children, reading, cooking, designing outfits and as well as helping to share the basic information on the rights of children.


Words by Sise Sawaneh



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