Jabbie warns Miss 22 July contestants perils of ‘back way’


Speaking to The Standard on the side-ines of the event at Paradise Suites Hotel, he said: “I believe anything good we realise and learn from this scholarship pageant is being ploughed back to young girls. They have been given the opportunity to go to school to learn and further their education to the highest heights that they wish for if they win. We definitely have to thank the president for the initiative and commitment he has shown over the years to young people.”

Jabbie said the reason behind the invitation and inclusion of his organisation into this initiative is owing to the fact that the organisers understand even young girls are embarking on the journey today.

“In fact, people aged 8 and 9 are all trying to go now. So I think they felt it necessary to bring ‘Operation No Backway to Europe’ and other stakeholders who have experience on this perilous journey. Illegal migration is unacceptable and it must be curbed as soon as possible. Entering another country is unacceptable and without proper documents and the money the journey requires especially for women. Lack of money and documents will only lead them into prostitution? That is the only thing that they can do to have money in order to cross to Lampedeusa.


“I am surprised and concerned by the increase of female travelers from The Gambia on the ‘back way’ because I have experienced it myself. I have seen the kind of work they do in order to earn their living. Gambian women are now for the first time in our history into prostitution? If you want embark on this journey men will harass you sexually.  They might be carrying some sexually transmitted diseases when they forced themselves onto you. This is why, among many reasons Gambian women going to ‘back way’ is a shock for me,” he added.