‘I am Jarranka’ to be Screened today


The much-anticipated screening of the documentary “I am Jarranka” is set for this evening at the Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute GTHI in Kanifing South.
I am Jarranka is produced here in The Gambia by State of Mic in 2005 in collaboration with the UK-Jarra Association.

The highly creative work by the Manka bothers captures the old aged norms and traditions of the people of Jarra.
The 38-minute documentary features such things like male initiation rituals, the Jarranka traditional cuisines, traditional wedding in both the Mandinka and Fula cultures, story telling as well as cultural artefacts that are now on the brink of extinction.

The premier of I am Jarranka in the Gambia followed a similar move in the United Kingdom, where the UK-Jarra Association is bent on reviving the rich heritage of Jarra given the high presence of kids born to Jarrankas.
This evening’s event will attract the movers and shakers in the local hospitality industry and officials of the National Centre for Arts and Culture.


I am Jarranka is the latest development in a series of initiatives championed by the UK-Jarra Association as they continue to invest heavily in the health and education sectors in the Jarras and Kiangs.