Jerusalem – Capital of Israel or Palestine?


One of the world’s oldest and most intractable conflicts looks set to resume once again. Whenever violence erupts in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is women and children who suffer the most. The cause of this conflict is rooted in both religion and history. Israel and Palestine seem to always be at loggerheads with each other. Both claim and maintain that Jerusalem is their capital city.


During the past week, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America declared his intention to recognise Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. This declaration has caused a lot of disquiet in that region once again. Palestine maintains that Jerusalem is – should be – its capital city. This stance has been consistently stated by the Palestinians in any negotiation they have attended so far.



Thus, this declaration of Donald J Trump will derail any progress that has been made [if there has been any] in the two state solution that has been so much talked about; but little or no real and genuine effort put into, in the past few decades.


The stubborn and untenable stance of Donald J. Trump will have far reaching repercussions which are most certainly going to shatter the peace of the region and by extension, that of the world. The fight against terrorism will certainly be dealt a huge blow which will set it back for long. For, Muslims are likely to rally behind the Palestinians as they will see this as targeting them. Among those, not all will be rational enough to take the diplomatic route. Many will be driven to seek and join any movement trying to cause harm to the West, particularly the United States of America.


Many people find it easy to see America as being a big bully in the world snubbing almost any and everyone who sees things differently. The attitude of the US in the United Nations just goes to strengthen this view of the people of the world.


Now, the question is: what will the rest of the Muslim World do about this? What will the Arab League (controlling the oil of the world) do about the predicament of their neighbours and fellow Arabs do about it? But most importantly, what will the United Nations do about it?


In the meantime, let’s say a prayer or two for the ordinary Palestinian man and woman!