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Kandeh: Jammeh should come back

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By Omar Bah

Mamma Kandeh, leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has said that former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh should be allowed to come back.
“I have no problem with him returning to The Gambia. He should come back. He was born in this country. I see no reason why Jammeh shouldn’t return,” Kandeh said in a Star FM interview yesterday.

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The GDC leader said the people Jammeh was working with are still in the country.
“Some of them appeared before the TRRC and told their stories, so Jammeh too should come back and tell his side of the story to the TRRC,” he added.

Turning to President Adama Barrow’s announced plans to form his party, Kandeh said his arch rival will not be able to pull even 10% of the votes if he decides to contest the next presidential election.

“Barrow cannot win elections in The Gambia again. I don’t think he will pull 10% of the votes if he decides to contest. Even an unknown Gambian can defeat Barrow in future elections,” Kandeh said.
He said if Barrow is confident of winning an election, let him resign now and organise election.

Asked to comment on rumours that he was approached to serve as vice president by Barrow, the GDC leader said: “I don’t think Barrow is going to offer me such a position because of our difference in policy and work ethics. His government lacks work ethics and I cannot work with a regime that is not ready to work. These folks are not working. I do not see myself working in Barrow’s government as Vice President. I also do not believe he would ever think about having me on board his administration,” he added.

He accused Barrow of betraying the wishes and aspirations of the Gambian people by engaging in an illegal power consolidation.
“It is sad that Barrow is not living up to his campaign promises. He was elected into office to run a transitional government, but he is instead consolidating himself into power. What he is doing is illegal.

“Under normal circumstances, the Justice Minister ought to have put it to him that he was not elected to consolidate himself in power. What Barrow is doing is an affront to our cherished democratic change,” he said.

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