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Karim says his 2017 candidacy leaves Macky sleepless

The son of former president Abdoulaye Wade boldly stated:  “Let me tell you all that my presence here in the high court and the political nature of this case, was all orchestrated by my accusers. Mr President,   I am slandered, presented as a plunderer of funds of the republic yet nobody has ever complained of corruption on my part.  I do not know any companies that are attributed to me. I know neither the beneficiaries nor the owners who are not more my nominees. These companies, I have not created. I’m not dealing with shareholders. I have no bank account in Monaco and there are no financial flows between me and the bank. The 47 billions said to be in a bank account in Singapore are a grotesque exaggeration to send me before this court in an attempt to impress the Senegalese people. I denounce the complicity of the President of the Republic Macky Sall in this issue. I am dedicated to the development of Senegal to improve the living conditions of the peoples. Now the government wants to imprison me. My candidacy in 2017 prevents President Macky Sall from sleeping.”

After his statement, Karim Wade refused to answer any questions as he claimed his cellmate is not properly cared for. “I hurt for those people who are collateral victims of this case … Finally, I will not answer your questions as Bibo Bourgi is not treated and he is ill. God is the only judge and the final arbiter’, “he said. 

He refused to answer questions posed by the president of the court concerning his schooling, cars, position at banks and so forth and so forth. Refusing to answer questions from the judge, he finally told the court to sentence him to 5 or 10 years as provided by law for the offences he was accused of “so that people can go home”. 

Eventually, the president of the court unable to keep the proceedings in check, suspended the session.


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