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Kudos Russia-Gambia

Historically, the Gambia and Russia’s relations have been in existence for far too long. In fact, the two countries have been “very good friends” and never had any serious issues in relations.

In fact, before ousted leader Jammeh ordered for the closure of the Gambian Embassy in Moscow last year, citing the Kremlin’s support for the then U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who the former leader described as a “racist,” Gambia and at the time, The Soviet Union were enjoying more or less fruitful relations, eveidenced by the number of Gambian students who travel to the The Soviet Union for extensive studies.

And recently, in fact before the reopening of its Consulate in Fajara last Friday, Russia demonstrated again its readiness to work hand in glove with the new Gambia government and her people, for a lasting and prosperous friendship for both sides.
Indeed, to speed things up in showing readiness to ally with the new Gambia, the governments of both countries signed an agreement on visa exemption for official holders of passports.

The treaty, signed in Banjul by visiting Russian Foreign Minister Mickhai Bagnodov, and his Gambian counterpart, Ousainou Darboe, is expected to ensure business people and officials to move freely between the two counties, without an hindrance.

As part of the new ties, the Gambia and Russia have agreed to engage in regular consultations to further work on other sectors such as trade, tourism, training of personnel and security apparatus.

Without doubt, one of the most important fields in Russia-Gambia cooperation is the preparing of young Gambians, specialists for our economy.

With the quality of Russian diploma papers, it is not hard for any Gambian to predict all the benefits this mutual friendship will bring to Gambian doctors, engineers, agriculturalists and many others.

Clearly, the writings are on the wall for all to see that The Gambia is on the right path in its relations with outside countries and what that means for the Gambia, especially these new Moscow relations.

Once, a wise said ‘it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.’

So to the government, we say continue mending and establishing mutually beneficial ties with the world, for the progress of The Gambia and her people, and of course, for the world.

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