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Lawyer accused CFAO of fabricating cheques


“I’m putting it to you that those cheques were afterthought and were fabricated by CFAO to mislead the investigations but thank God they came later after the report was already submitted,” Moses Richard said. Replying, ASP Ceesay said: “I don’t know.”

Lawyer Richards made the claim after the police investigator had stated: “We requested all printouts but none of the fabricated bank statements were found on the banks printouts. The fabricated bank statements were discovered in Bintou Jallow’s own computer at the office and submitted to us after the report had been submitted.”

Bintou Jallow and Baboucarr Gai are on trial at the Banjul Magistrates Court. They were arraigned on August 11 on three counts of conspiracy to commit fraud, stealing by clerk and theft. On the first count, they are accused of stealing D4,288,688 from CFAO Motors, Gambia Limited. On count two, Bintou Jallow is accused of stealing D5,621,625 and on count 3, Mr Gai is accused of stealing D4,288,688 belonging to CFAO being monies transferred to his account for the purpose of purchasing hard currency. They pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Yesterday was the third day of cross-examination by lawyer Richards and ASP Ceesay admitted when he was told: “I’m putting it to you every request for the purchase of foreign currency and every cheque drawn up by Bintou Jallow were endorsed, signed, and countersigned, and went through the entire  accountancy system of the company.” ASP Ceesay also agreed with the lawyer that he did not look into CFAO’s monthly bank reconciliation during his investigations

“I’m putting it to you that CFAO knew fully well that the monies were paid to the second accused’s account for the purpose of foreign currency,” Richard said to which the police witness replied: “I don’t know.” The case resumes mid-month for continuation of cross-examination.


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