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Lawyer to ask for Egyptians to be freed

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Lawyer Mustapha Marong told Magistrate Lamin Mbaye that he will file a submission of ‘no-case-to-answer’ on behalf of his clients.  This move came after the police prosecutor Superintendent Sainey Joof announced that he had closed his case after the testimony of four witnesses. “This was the last witness and the prosecution rests its case,” Joof told the court.

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Lawyer Marong will file his submission on or before Monday while the prosecution is expected to reply on Wednesday. The magistrate is expected to rule on the submission on Thursday whether to discharge and acquit the accused persons or ask them to enter their defence.

Mr Ahamedmale and Mr Shaaban were arrested on August 28. They were arraigned on September 3 on a single count of fishing with prohibited fishing gears. According to the police prosecutors, on 28 August at about 6:30 pm, the two men were found on a fishing trawler in Gambian territorial waters with a prohibited fishing net. They pleaded not guilty. 


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