Letters : APRC elements embedded in Barrow’s government



Dear editor

What bothers me most is not the emergence of a tyrannical government in Gambia.


What bothers me is the developing dictatorship gradually taking shape. But that isn’t all.

By a twist of fate, what ought to have been a 3-years transitional government that’ll set the stage for multiparty elections and party rule, has taken on the air of party rule legitimacy.

The monocracy that took much blood, sweat and tears to build under Yahya Jammeh, was effortlessly passed on to Adama Barrow.

This is the handiwork of elements of the defunct APRC, who are securely embedded in a government we fought so hard to actualize.

We gave blood to establish democracy and change, in the end, we got neither.

And my sense is; it may just the beginning. Democracy; interactive participatory rule is gradually being superseded by a monocracy, rule by an all-powerful leader.

Matthew Jallow


Harrowing testimony at TRRC

Dear Editor

The bit that has saddened me beyond measures yesterday about Omar Darboe’s testimony at the TRRC is the manner the women were allegedly treated by our own soldiers at Denton Bridge and Old Atlantic in 1996.

A subjugator that cannot spare an already tortured, traumatised, dehumanised, beaten woman cannot be rehabilitated.

That beast needs to be treated like a vermin, a virus and bacteria.

I find it extremely hard to understand what could make a Gambian to be so inhumane to this height!!! Monday TRRC testimony of Mr Darboe has depicted a very strange and evil trait in the human spirit.

Investigations must be thorough to catch those that treated women like that. ! Our society is under threat when those perpetrators are walking the streets.

Ba Jabbi,