Letters: Hamat Is Not Totally Wrong!


Dear editor,

“I want to tell cabinet ministers that if they want to continue to be ministers, they should support the president in his political agenda…” Hamat Bah said.

Did his Excellecy Honorable Hamat NK Bah, say anything we didn’t know? I mean does anyone really believe there’s a single minister in Barrow’s cabinet who’s not in support of Barrow’s political agenda? Did we not see the cabinet positions on the draft constitution. I mean is it not obvious that to be a minister and remain so in The Gambia, you have to support the political ambitions of the benefactor president? From President Jawara’s time, to the abusive period of Tony, don’t we mostly share government positions to our supporters when we gain control? And don’t we expect these supporters to continue supporting our political agenda? That’s what a government based on a spoils system does di! You only eat if you support us. It’s patronage and that’s what we have.


I would like to think that If any of the opposition parties gain power, they too will bring their own people and you’ll hear things like “Modou worked hard for the party; he deserves a position.” Why do you think many of us join political parties? Of course everyone will claim it’s for the country, but there’s a reason political prostitution is en vogue you know!! It pays when your party wins! The sake of our country is oftentimes secondary to our individual desires!

Hamat is eating his cake on the backs of Gambians and he’s working hard to make sure he stays eating. He’s just making sure that his cabinet colleagues don’t eat for free. They must earn their pay and the only way to do that is to campaign for, support and politic for Barrow.

But that’s the way the system is set up. It’s a system of patronage; a spoils system. You can’t partake in the spoils if you didn’t hunt with my Bandam Barrow! Until this nonsensical system is dismantled, loyalty to a political leader will continue to determine many more than we bargained for!


Alagie Saidy-Barrow