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Letters: July 22, a day of infamy! Lest we forget!

Dear editor

Remember, history always repeats itself for those who forget and fall asleep! Be Vigilant!
Check your elected and appointed public servants and people in power! They can say what they will not practice!

For example Yahya Jammeh said he was a soldier with a difference and vowed that the Constitution will have term limits such that no Gambian shall be President for more than 10 years! Yet he ended up having 22 years and 6 months with no term limit in the Constitution! He shouted transparency, accountability and probity only to become the most corrupt criminal ever delivered in The Gambia!

Next we have Adama Barrow! He said he is a businessman who will serve 3 years and then go back to his business. Then he changed gear by saying that Gambians will decide even though Gambians never told him to serve 3 years neither did he and his Coalition colleagues ever consulted Gambians before deciding a 3-year agenda! Today Adama Barrow did a 360-degree turn by claiming that whether Gambians like it or not he will serve 5 damn years!

It appears our leaders have integrity deficiency as they don’t practice what they preach!

Therefore only citizens can cure this deficiency! Check those in power in order to curtail abuse and corruption! Unchecked power breeds deception and fear hence perpetuate violations and corruption with impunity!

These are the lessons to learn from the 22-year Misrule of Tyrant Yahya Jammeh! #NeverAgain.

Madi Jobarteh

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