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Letters to the Editor

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On the allegedly corruption and misconduct
practices in the government and how to tackle it

Dear editor,

Let’s think about ways of taking our Government to an entirely new direction. We have uniquely qualified young Gambians to man the mantle of leadership and this is not bribery by words or a ploy from me to make you feel some type of way—Wallahi they know.

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Will they accept it though? That is the million dollar question.


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Our institutions have been infected by toxic ways of thinking and mentalities. One must not subscribe to these backward thought systems. If anything they must be left behind for the creation of a renewed progressive society.


As a young dynamic civil servant opting to become not only the best among the best but an ambassador of peace, God fearing and action oriented; a force to be reckon with. These are nothing but self evident truths am trying to espouse here.
We might be young and inexperienced yes but we got something in us, that burning, cracking fire type mixed with vibrant, energetic force striving for greatness.


The unapologetic truth is our elders have failed us woefully. They got us all entangled in their escapades. The Government was by far the noblest and most beautiful place one could have dreamt to work in.


But here we are in the center of negative attention cause by few rotten, chronic, selfish and self righteous officials whiles we sit down and watch our image and our integrity plunge into the deep dark ocean.


What do I do? How do we fix this? Is a question every smart and God fearing civil servant should ask him/herself. We heard stories from retired veteran/seasoned officials about the good old days. These officials before them to whom honor and country came first before anything.


In this new era/dispensation one must remember that the hunter is now the hunted. Gone are the days when the public was blind and clueless about our affairs.


We are now under their watchful eyes. Caution must then be taken or else we are doomed. Transparency is and must be the order of the day. Nepotism, tribalism and favoritism should be flushed out for good.


Take for instance all the sagas in the previous regime compared to now, honestly we all need some serious awakening.


We must redouble our efforts in nation building. We must side with the truth and not falsehood.
We must endeavor to reach excellence and do away with mediocrity. I know in my heart and mind there is good in everyone, all you got to do is BELIEVE.


Believe in what was, what is and what will be. Allah (God) prescribes good things at its stipulated time, so why the rush?

Here and now I implore all of you to work tirelessly in restoring the image of these noble institutions and Government at large.

Muhamed Mbye

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