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Letters to the Editor

Dear Mr President,

It vexed me to hear Hon Mai Ahmad Fatty recollect on Membekering the Jammeh cheque book he was subjected to when you relieved him of his ministerial duties. Jeh! You did not only stop at instructing he handover same day without any prior notice but went on to ensure he was escorted by the obnoxious NIA and a colleague to oversee his handing over of a whole ministry in less than 12 hours. What were you thinking Mr President?

When did it get dark that you forget so quickly? Many things continue to go wrong under your nose and you are keeping mute as if you gave them your blessings. One such disturbing example is the charging of ordinary citizens with bogus charges by GPF only to drop them after such persons have trekked unpleasantly back and forward police stations on bail. That isn’t cool at all. Another worrisome malaise is the glorification of rampant corruption. Stealing from government and tax payers has become sign of a successful prodigal son or daughter in New Gambia. That one Mr President is denting your reputation as a leader serious about system change to strengthen our rotten public institutions.

As if that isn’t already damning, poor employees lives have mutated in what Bob Marley posited, “the rich man’s heaven is the poor man’s hell”. Didn’t you see that sparkling all over the GTBank staff predicament, Mr President? Employee’s rights and protection do not only stop at being unapologetically abrogated but subjected to worse than farm slaver. Please, don’t tell me you aren’t aware Mr President with all your galaxy of advisers?

Talking about advisers brings to mind the lying, the smears and unsubstantiated allegations to tarnish reputable people just for you to relieve them of their appointments. That were the flowers of Jammeh’s dictatorship. Don’t be scented by them. You will repel instead of attracting people.

Time without number, I tell you to listen and take on board free genuine advice and suggestions to improve your performance from Gambians on the social media to no avail. I am left with no option but to conclude you are cool with the wrongs Gambia is shrouded in. Can you prove me wrong, Mr President? If we are burning both ends of the candle to market you as the one, help us do so by walking the walk since you forgo talking the talk. That isn’t much to ask for, is it Mr President?

The 2021 presidential election is just around the corner. I appreciate a day is long in politics for a lot to happen but leaving such malfeasance flourish under your watch will be hard to discredit on a political platform. Inasmuch as I want you to win, you should want it more than me. So start winning hearts and minds by not only openly speaking about these anomalies but leading the fight against them.

Sulayman Jeng
Former police officer, UK

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