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Letters to the Editor : Saibou Hydara’s hypocrisy

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Dear editor,

I read a funny article in The Standard this week about one so-called prominent Gambian in France, Saibou Mariama Hydara saying that if Abubacarr Jawara the CEO of GACH should go ahead with his threat to sue Momodou Sabally, he would  regret that action.

This Mr Hydara was reported as warning Mr Jawara that he was treading on a dangerous path and should he dare go ahead to sue Momodou Sabally, he knew every secret about Mr Jawara’s dealings and he will  shame him. 

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I have a belief this Mr Hydara is just some UDP supporter claiming not to belong to any party. It is either this or he has some personal issues with Mr Jawara.

Mr Sabally made very serious accusations against Mr Jawara. Now Mr Jawara wants to clear his name and this Mr Hydara is threatening him. Mr Hydara’s actions are indecent and dirty.

What is even more funny is his statement that Jawara is falsely accusing Sabally and because of the sacred relationship between Baddibunkas and Sarahules that is an abomination.

Jawara is not accusing Sabally of anything. It is Sabally who accused Jawara of something very serious. If anyone has committed an abomination, it should be Momodou Sabally. Doesn’t he know of the sacred relationship between Baddibunkas and Sarahules when he made the serious accusations against Abubacarr Jawara?  Mr Jawara has every right to clear his name if he has not done anything wrong.

Mohammed Waggeh

London Corner, Serekunda

Jammeh’s home return scares Hamat Bah

Dear Editor,

I read a news article on The Standard newspaper’s Monday edition, in which the loudmouth tourism minister Hamat Bah spoke against former president Yahya Jammeh’s return home. Minister Bah said Yahya Jammeh would be arrested if he should land in The Gambia. Why is Hamat Bah afraid of Yahya Jammeh’s return?

Perhaps, he doesn’t want to lose the stolen Jammeh assets in his possession. This was the minister who took Yahya Jammeh’s cattle.

I agree with Hamat Bah that Yahya Jammeh should face justice, but his right to return home should not be infringed upon. Anyone opposing Yahya Jammeh’s return has something to hide.

Any responsible government should have encouraged Yahya Jammeh to return home so that justice could be availed to him. Yahya Jammeh’s victims deserve justice.

Inside Barrow’s government and party, opinions are divided over Yahya Jammeh’s fate. There is this group which is encouraging President Barrow to facilitate the return of Jammeh so that the NPP can have the APRC vote. There is also this group, consisting former Jammeh enablers (former APRC ministers, officials), former exilees like Ebrima Sankareh, Ebrima Sillah, just to name a few, and former Jammeh political opponents like Hamat Bah, which is opposed to Jammeh’s home return.

Jammeh’s seized assets are in the hands of current and former officials of Barrow’s government. Some of these folks are afraid of Yahya Jammeh. They don’t want to see him reconcile with President Barrow and the people he offended.

Hamat Bah is going to cost Barrow his presidency.  He is just there for his pocket. Instead of advising President Barrow to encourage Yahya Jammeh to come home and face the people he violated, Bah is conspiring with the anti-Jammeh group in this mediocre government to alienate the APRC strong base, who are sympathetic to Barrow and his NPP.

There is no way that Barrow can win the presidency, without having the support of the APRC, and the other parties. Trafficking “Jammeh’s no home return” messages would only affect Barrow politically.

If Hamat Bah is committed to President Barrow’s cause as he implied, why is he not promoting the reconciliation agenda, as championed by the TRRC Act? Jammeh’s victims want Jammeh to return home and face justice.

Hamat Bah wouldn’t pass an accountability test if he is subjected to wealth evaluation by any future government. His multi-million dalasi Dakar home and the different properties that he owned in this country have been documented.

The Tourism Ministry under Hamat Bah has been reduced to a money laundering institution. Corrupt and phoney folks have been using their connections in the system to buy cheaply sold properties at the Tourism Development Area (TDA).

Under Hamat’s watch, he has allowed a husband and a wife to run key positions at that ministry. The [allegedly] corrupt couple and Minister Bah are the officials who would decide on the major deals at that ministry.

That ministry should be investigated. The new government has paved the way for The Gambia Tourism Board officials to enrich themselves. A financial mess is taking place at that ministry.

The Standard newspaper should venture into investigative journalism and stop giving platform to phoneys like Hamat Bah. Bah is the big vulture in Barrow’s government.

How comes that the media has missed this important story about the person who was killed by Hamat’s convoy during the Niamina West by-election? The case was settled, no one was charged for that rash and negligent act causing death on road traffic.

Just last week, Hamat had another accident in the Greater Banjul Area. His evil deeds are haunting him.

A concerned citizen


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