Lotto records nearly 2000 winners this week


Another one hundred and sixty winners got 4 correct numbers bagging D600 each, while 321 customers won 3 correct numbers that earned them two free lottery tickets each. 

The last part of the draw indicates that 1,749 people got two correct numbers with each getting one free ticket to play lottery again. 

One of the top winners this week is Paul Mensah shown in the picture here with agents Omar Touray and Ya Fatou Jobe. 


Ya Fatou is a new agent covering Bakoteh area who started work on the very day of the draw and was delighted to have a winner on her first day at work, inspiring her to be even more dedicated. 

Another agent, Dawda Samateh, was named best selling agent of the previous month as he was able to raise D12,000 as commission for himself.  He is covering Banjul and has vowed to work even harder.

“We are glad to see that many youths are bringing their applications to the office these days and while we cannot employ everyone of them, we feel it is great to come across so many people willing to work,” said marketing and sales director Mamadi Ceesay.

He also revealed that Lotto will be expanding to all the regions in the country in a few months time which will also create more jobs for youths across the country, while accelerating  to the process of nation building and properly channeling the energies of youths.


 Full Payment Report:

Winning Numbers 17 30 6 28 29 2

 13 winners – 4 correct numbers-D7,692 each

 160 winners -4 correct numbers – D600 each

321 winners of 3 correct numbers- 2 free tickets each.

1,749 winners of 2 correct numbers- 1 free ticket each.

The next draw is Saturday 17 January 2015.

Play Lotto for just fifteen dalasi and stand a chance to become the first Lotto millionaire. Remember a million dalasi awaits the single customer who is lucky to win six correct numbers.  Look out for our agents all around you with T-shirts marked LOTTO.