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Wednesday, November 25, 2020


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Former Interior minister and leader of the GMC party has called on Gambians to “boycott all politicians, imams and priests who directly or indirectly propagate or condone this bestiality”.

Writing on his Facebook page over the weekend, Mai Ahmad Fatty said:“This is a red line. No one should pray behind an imam or a priest who defends this haraam nonsense.”
Kanifing Estate Mosque imam, Baba Leigh, has come under a lot of stick since last week after the National Human Rights Commission of which he is a commissioner, called on government to defend the human rights of LGBT persons. This followed a similar call by the EU ambassador in The Gambia.

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In reaction, the GMC leader, himself a lawyer wrote: “Marriage is between a man and a woman. Anything contrary to that will never find legitimacy in the Republic of The Gambia. Without a scintilla of doubt, a GMC government will enact the most stringent penal statute ever, in response to such egregious deviant conduct.

“We will not be on an active search for culprits, but they will not find tranquility to practice such evil. We do not even want promoters of LGBT to join GMC. If you are not yet part of us, and it means that much to you, please stay away from us. It’s exceedingly disgusting lifestyle condemned by Allah and for which an entire generation was obliterated according to the Scriptures. If LGBT means so much to you above and beyond, welcome to the highway exit from GMC.”

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