Mass ‘illegal’ dumpsites in Kanifing Municipality


By Fatou Sanneh & Clare Demba

Following the recent prohibition of waste disposal at the Kanifing Municipality’s main dumpsite in Bakoteh, a host of other unauthorised dumpsites have emerged across the municipality.
These new unauthorised dumpsites, located in Kotu Quarry, Tallinding and Ebo Town, respectively, are on the increase and waste is littered everywhere.

Last month, residents of Bakoteh and Manjai, especially those living around the dumpsite, staged a protest against dumping at the place citing the health consequences.
Reacting to the demonstration which reportedly resulted in temporary ban of dumping at the ground,  Buba Sanneh, supervisor of the dumpsite, said: “Dumping has not been legally stopped by Kanifing Municipal Council,” adding that people took the law into their hands by preventing municipality waste disposers from dumping there.


The illegal dumpsites are believed to have emerged because of improper management of waste in the municipality and delay in collecting rubbish by the Council.
The Chief Executive Officer of KMC, Pa Kalifa Sanyang, said there are only a few authorised dumpsites, among which are Kotu Silo; behind Independence Stadium in Bakau; Bundung behind 22nd July Academy (formerly Charles Jow); New Jeshwang near SGA Primary School; Latrikunda behind Danso Primary School and Senegambia, traffic light.

Pa Kalifa added: “When you throw residue where it is not authorized, it is considered illegal and against anti-littering law.”
Ebrima Sankareh, a resident of Tallinding, said they do not have anywhere else to dispose waste that is why they dump it at these unauthorized places.

Living near a dumpsite is a nightmare for some residents and they have shown their discomfort However, according to Ebrima Gibba of Kotu Quarry, he allows dumping on his land as it makes a strong foundation for building and prevents it from collapsing. Penda Njie of Tallinding Farokono shares a similar view.
Attempts to speak to the National Environment Agency, the principal body responsible for the conservation of the environment, were not fruitful.