MasterPeace wraps up boot camp


The training event exposed the participants to peacebuilding, international humanitarian law and the role of youth in peace building.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr Amadou Barry, a member of MasterPeace-Gambia said: “Our mandate is the promotion and maintenance of international peace. We start from the community level. That is why there are different clubs in different countries; all preaching the gospel of peace in their respective communities. Our main concern here is how best to minimise armed conflicts in the world and promote sustainable international peace.”

Speaking on the achievements the club has registered since its establishment in The Gambia last year, Mr Barry added: “Since we were founded, we were able to achieve a lot which included the celebration of International Day of Peace in September last year. More importantly, we received an award last year as the most innovative peace movement in the world – an award given to us by the United Nations, signed by Secretary General Ban ki-Moon. This award was for the entire MasterPeace which we are part of as a national club.”


MasterPeace is a non-profit organisation founded in 2011 by Mr llco Van De Linde, based in the Netherlands with a central office in Cairo, Egypt and supporting offices in Istanbul and New York. The international club also has national clubs operating in 60 countries globally with The Gambia chapter founded in September 2013.


By Essa Njie