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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

‘My work is not affected by UDP expulsion’

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Saikou Marong, one of the expelled United Democratic Party National Assembly Members has told The Standard that he knew his fate because it was clear that his political ideology differs from the party’s.

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“My differences with UDP started when they began to regard President Adama Barrow as someone not serving the interest of the party or operating as they want him to. Also, they began to see the National Development Plan as a personal development plan of Barrow. I hold a totally different opinion and I believe in Barrow’s all-inclusive and openness to all Gambians and I accordingly throw my weight behind him,” Marong said.

He said the interest of his constituency and government of the Gambia comes first in all his duties and that is why he is not affected by the decision of his former party to sack him.
“In fact even my relations with my constituents, colleagues or friends did not change because politics will never change by relations with anyone. I am at the Assembly to serve my country and my constituency. I do my politics in a very mature way, not allowing politics to came between me and anyone in my constituency despite ideological differences,” he said.

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