NACOFAG distributes D480,000 to 12 federation members


By Olimatou Coker

National Coordinating Organisation for Farmers Association The Gambia (NACOFAG) has recently distributed 480,000 dalasis to their federation members at a handing over ceremony held at the NACOFAG secretariat

in Brikama Willingara.


The money is meant to support the development of artisanal and semi-industrial agri-food processing units, restoration of women’s productive capacity at EF level (implementation) of transfers (seeds, animal) and social nets to EF to improve food and nutritional security restore capital, and boost productive activities.

The federation members that benefited from these are the Association of Farmers Education and Trade (AFET), Association of Sahelian Women in the Fight Against Drought and Hunger (REFESA), All Gambia Forestry Platform (AGFP), Federation of the Gambia Cashew Farmers Association (FGCFA), Fish Smokers Association (FSA), Freedom from Hunger Campaign (FFHC), Maize Grower Association (MGS), National Association of Food Processors (NAFP), National Livestock Owners Association (NaLOA), National Rice Farmers Association (RFAG), National Women Farmers Association (NaWFA) and National Youth Association for Food Security (NaYAFS).

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Alieu Sowe, Coordinator of NACOFAG, said the organisation has 16 federation members and as a result, 12 have been nominated and will be supported to undertake institutional support and strengthening on three aspects, one of them is to look at their artisanal and semi-industrial situation at the organizational level, while the second one will look at women restoration and support in strengthing participation in farmer organizations and the third support will look at knowledge management and exchanges that will also be supported to four of the member organizations who will also benefit financial report and also technical support to carry out this task.

He explained that it is also important to inform everyone that this is the first phase of the distribution of financial resources to the federation members of NACOFAG in 2020.

Sowe described the gathering as a very good moment for them to share with the stakeholders some of these initiatives that NACOFAG has mobilized to support its federation members.

Musa Sowe, president, said NACOFAG is a membership organization and they feel that there is a need to look back and support the members.

He said this is the first cash disbursement and will be doing the second phase soon.

Njenga B Jawo, executive director, NaWFA, described it as a very wonderful move. “As a member of NaWFA, we are highly appreciative of the efforts that NACOFAG has done to raise funds to support the membership”.

Jawo assured that the money will be used for its purpose.