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NACOFAG gets new secretariat in Brikama

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The National Coordinating Organization for Farmers Association The Gambia (NACOFAG) has now got a new office in Brikama in the West Coast Region.
According to the officials, the network’s office can now be found at the entrance of Brikama by the GNPC on the feeder road toward Brikama Wellingara approximately 300 meters off the main highway.
The new office comprises admin and finance office, program office, secretary office, office of the coordinator, cafeteria , reception, min-conference room, IT office and store.
Briefing the media about this new development, the coordinator of NACOFAG Alieu Sowe said the newly elected executive board of NACOFAG under the leadership of Musa F. Sowe, showed the need to provide a conducive environment for the working staff and technical team of NACOFAG for resourceful delivery of their functions.
According to the coordinator, this new office will also pave the way for accessibility and visibility of the Network. He revealed that the office will help converge the members and to meet the team of staff for their daily transactions.
Mr. Sowe dilated the significance of this new development and according to him, the office is not only important for the human resource but it will help in all its documentations filed in a single space and to allow their partners to meet them in a presentable place.
Sowe disclosed that NACOFAG comprises farmers, fisheries and forest organizations established to promote the development of its members especially in the areas of Agriculture, Forestry, Commerce/trade (Market Access and information), advocacy and empowerment of Youth and Women economically.
He indicated that this is prompted due to several factors and challenges faced by peasants and producer associations in The Gambia particularly in terms of coordination, information, business development, sharing and networking.
He also narrated that the National body is linked to several international organizations in West Africa such as the West Africa Regional Network of Peasants and producers organizations (ROPPA), the World Fisher Forum among others.
NACOFAG has a membership of 15 Gambian peasants and producer organizations namely: Association of farmer’s educators and Traders (AFET), National Youth Association for security (NaYAFS), National Women Farmers Association (NAWFA),National Farmers Platform the Gambia (NFPG),Cashew Growers Association, FANDEMA Cereal Farmers, Maize Growers Association, Fish Smokers Association, Livestock Owners Association, National Association of Food Processors (NAFP), All Gambia Forestry Platform (AGFP), Freedom From Hunger Campaign (FFHC), Sheppard and Cattle Owners Association and Rice Farmers Association.
According to Sowe, since the establishment of NACOFAG in 2000 with the support of ROPPA and other partners, “Our vision is that by 2020 peasants and producers organization are secured in food self sufficiency and sovereignty through an effective coordination and communication while our mission is to reinforce and protect the interest of peasants and producers organization for having enabling policy to attain its objectives at all levels. Our values are solidarity, coalition and networking towards livelihood development of the poor and marginalized society.”
Sowe thanked the president of NACOFAG for ensuring that their dreams come true in securing a new office for its members.

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