NAM urges gov’t to subvent disabled people’s organisations


By Aisha Tamba

National Assembly Member Ndey Yassin Secka, representing the disabled community in the assembly, has urged the government to provide a subvention for the Disabled People Organisations (DPOs).

Speaking to The Standard, Ms. Secka said there is a need for such a facility to help disabled people engaged in businesses to earn a decent living.


“I am hopeful and looking forward to a day when government will be able to provide a monthly allowances to the disabled people. We are doing things bit by bit, hopefully in the next few years, things will change and there will be monthly allowances for the disabled people. But first, we should start with a subvention.”

She lamented that people with disabilities are yet to be accorded full representation in the country, arguing that she is the only person with a disability in the assembly.

“I have been talking for the past five years but thank God the draft bill is coming and hopefully, someone will take it from me. That is why I am calling on everybody to come out with their views and inputs to scrutinise the draft bill because it is not only for the disabled people but also for the whole country at large,” she said.

She said the government should provide special needs for children with disability so that they can be productive in society.

“When it comes to structuring some places, people who are visually impaired cannot go there and these are all things that should be looked into,” she said.

“Take a look at our albinos, some of them are dying with skin cancer and there is nothing provided for them and they know that there should be provision them. We all have disabilities, some severe challenges while some are minor,” she said.