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NCP urges Dembo By-Force, others to return

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By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the National Convention Party Abubacarr Kinteh has called on Dembo By-force Bojang, now presidential adviser and national president of the governing National People’s Party, and Kemeseng Jammeh of the UDP among others, to return to develop the party they originally belong.
Both men were founding members of the NCP formed by the late Sheriff Mustapha Dibba on 7 September, 1975.
Speaking to The Standard on Friday as the party celebrates 48 years, Mr Kinteh said the NCP is more relevant today than ever before and it is growing at such a pace that its forefathers should not be left behind.
Mr Kinteh said the only challenge his party is facing now is how to get back the party militants who abandoned it to join others.
Asked if that is not ironical with the NCP itself now reportedly consumed by the NPP, Mr Kinteh said the NCP has not been sold or surrendered to the NPP even though the two worked together in the last election. “We are not material lovers, if we are, we would have been driving luxurious cars. We are happy with what we have,” he said
The NCP leader said the party has such a rich history and huge respect that had the 1994 coup not happened, it would have beaten the PPP in elections scheduled for 1997.
‘Our party is proud of its history as a credible alternative to the Jawara regime comprising people with dignity and good standing in the society. That is the culture we are pushing to remain alive,” Mr Kinteh said.

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