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NCP youth leader defends Ecomig stay in Gambia

By Amadou M. Jadama

Fabakary Danso, the national youth leader of the National Convention Party, has reacted to the recent sentiments and utterances made against the ECOMIG forces in The Gambia.
A section of the population has repeatedly said ECOMIG should now leave following a misunderstanding between them and Gambian soldiers which resulted in “accidental discharge” in Kanilai.

In an exclusive interview with The Standard, the NCP leader: “Those people who said that should not have said it. Gambians should bear in mind that ECOMIG forces did not come to The Gambia on their own will, but they were sent by ECOWAS in order to maintain peace and stability in the country during the confrontation that culminated in the former president Yahya Jammeh leaving.”

“Those people saying that ECOMIG should leave should watch their words and know what they should talk. They are here based on ECOWAS treaty and The Gambia is part of that treaty.”
NCP youth leader further stressed the need for maintaining peace and stability, adding that the ECOMIG forces should be left alone to do their work and when their time is up, they will leave.
“They are here for a mission which is not harming anyone but to maintain peace and jealously guard our freedom as a democratic nation.”

He urged Gambians to cooperate with the ECOMIG and the Gambia Armed Forces to maintaining peace and stability in the country.
Mr Danso further revealed that NCP is rallying behind president Adama Barrow and his government who is democratically elected as the president of The Gambia.

Speaking on the National Assembly Members Mr Danso advised the members of the parliament to work for the interest of the country and put away their political differences.
“Let all of them work in unison and harmony as one people and move forward as one nation,” he advised.
He finally called on Gambians to follow our leaders and respect them at all times.  “We can talk to them if they do wrong things but with respect,” he advised.

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