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New chief vows to reunite Baddibu

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By Amadou Jadama

The newly appointed chief of Upper Baddibu, Sefo Mustapha Dibba, has vowed to reunite the people of Baddibu and ensure that everyone enjoys their traditional, civic and cultural rights irrespective of ethic or political affiliation.

Mustapha Dibba, who replaced the late chief Ebrima Jammeh, said people in his area will have to get a new inspiration and that is to reconcile in all aspects, politically and socially.

Among the many burning issues the new chief will have to face is land disputes but he told The Standard he is fairly too new in the job and has not so far received any issues on the table.  “But like I said, if my approach of dialogue and reconciliation succeeds, that will take care of or totally remove many misunderstandings that often grow into disputes. So, I think constructive dialogue can reduce these land disputes drastically,” he said.

The new chief said he wants the people to accept him as one of them. “I am here for every citizen of Upper Baddibu not NPP, UDP or any other political party. I am not here for any single party, “he said.

He registered his gratitude to President Barrow for appointing him.

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