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New Gambia Movement launches Feed the Family Project

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By Baba Galleh The New Gambia Movement has announced that it has has launched a “Feed the Family Project” to support needy members of the Gambian family nation at home. At its meeting held earlier this month, the Movement’s leadership team took the initiative to contribute whatever they could and send these monies to their National Organizing Secretary Pierre Gomez and the Director of Communications and Media Relations Badou Gaye in Banjul for disbursement to needy individuals and charitable organizations on the ground. The release from the organization states: “As of today, Saturday February 18, 2017, the leadership team has collected and sent to Banjul D24, 600.77 which will be disbursed to needy individuals and charity organizations in The Gambia in the coming days and weeks. “The Feed the Family Project is an ongoing endeavor to which all members are invited and encouraged to contribute whatever they can over time. The New Gambia Movement feels that while our primary mission is to spread political enlightenment and facilitate our people’s civic empowerment, we should also chip in once in a while to help the neediest members of the Gambian Family Nation. Hence we anticipate the growth of a permanent Feed the Family Fund to which members can contribute once in a while to assist needy members of our Gambian Family Nation from now on. The Movement will keep the general public posted on funds collected and disbursements made going forward. Our plans also include launching a permanent national emergency fund to assist victims of both man-made and natural disasters across the country. “In a related development, additional offices have been identified and responsibilities assumed by members of the leadership team. The Movement’s executive committee is therefore currently composed of the following offices and office holders: President: Dr. Baba Galleh Jallow Vice President: Dr. Omar Janneh Administrative Secretary: Ms. Adama Jabang National Organizing Secretary: Dr. Pierre Gomez. Director of Communications and Media Relations: Mr. Badou Gaye Director of Charitable Projects: Dr. Atta Ceesay Co-Director of Charitable Projects: Ms. Aisha Ceesay Co-Director of Charitable Projects: Dr. Amina Sillah Treasurer: Dr. Bakary J. Sonko “Other members of the executive are: Abdou Rahman Jallow, Ndey Tapha Sosseh, Dr. Bala Saho, and Isha Savage. The leadership team is working to identify additional offices and office holders and will keep everyone posted going forward. If you are interested in learning more about the Movement or joining us, please visit our website www.newgambia.org (still under construction) to read our mission statement.”]]>

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