New UK Ambassador: I want constructive relations with Gambia


We are all saddened to lose someone from the Commonwealth family – but it doesn’t affect the bilateral relationship.”

Despite the constant criticisms by officials of the Gambia government of ‘400 years of British colonial misrule’ and ‘underdevelopment’, the outgoing British ambassador, David Morley, in an interview with The Standard, insisted that relations between the two countries were “pretty steady”.

Colin Crorkin’s last tour of duty was as Consul General in Kabul.  He was deputy ambassador in Manila, the Philippines for five years and was in Tripoli, Libya during 2002-2004. 


This coincided with a period when Britain sought rapprochement with Gaddafi and Colin Crorkin was thrusted into the thick of two major issues, the Lockerbie bombing aftermath and disarming Libya’s weapons of mass destruction. Then, after the second Iraq war, he was consul-general in Kirkuk, in oil-rich northern Iraq which he described as “a most interesting time.”


Author: Sainey Darboe