Njogu Bah wraps up defence


Standing trial on abuse of office charge before the Banjul Magistrates’ Court, Bah allegedly failed to follow due procedure when posting Ms Jainaba Jobarteh as The Gambia’s representative at the United Nations in New York.

However, Bah, who was also the presidential affairs minister, pleaded not guilty, arguing that the appointment instead came from the foreign affairs ministry.

He said: “I have never called Ps Yusupha Dibba with regard to the posting of Ms Jobarteh and it is incorrect to say that, because I did not post Ms Jobarteh on my own. It was a proposal from the foreign affairs ministry for the posting of Ms Jobarteh to the United Nations. My duty as the then secretary-general and head of civil service was to endorse the file which I did.


“Dr Bah, then why did you not write directly to the PMO for the posting of Ms Jobarteh?” the state prosecutor inquired. 

Bah replied: “When I received a file from PMO conveying a proposal of posting to The Gambia’s mission in New York, it was at the same time I knew that the office needed to be enhanced, but I did not interfere in the posting. And let me make it clear to you that the office of the secretary-general can also post Ms Jobarteh or any person without the interference of the PMO, provided that if the secretary-general feels that the person is qualified and competent to handle the position.”

The case resumes on April 1 for re-examination by the defence.