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On the planned celebrations of the July 22nd

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Dear editor,

It is with dismay that I’ve learnt members of the APRC Party have express their desire to glorify an event that had brought untold sufferings to Gambians. When everyone should cherish our newfound freedom, members of the party expresses their desire to celebrate the July 22nd coup, a day that has forever put a taint our reputable as the beacon of democracy in Africa and the world in general.”

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The illegal coup had seen innocent Gambians suffered the most inhumane treatment ranging from brutal torture to enforced disappearance, rape, maiming, and extra judicial killings. But to think that one of the spearhead on this provocative act of insensitivity to the plight of victims and the lack of respect to Gambians is an Honourable member of the Parliament is indeed troubling.”

I had given Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi the benefit of the doubt when he said that he was misquoted but then for him to state in his clarification that if they were to be given a permit to the effect they will celebrate, shows that his intentions are clear. Therefore, as a colleague of his and the only female representative of the biggest party in the Parliament, because women faced the biggest brunt of Jammeh’s brutality, I feel it is necessary for me to address this issue because this actions can bring the name of our Honourable institution into disrepute.

This is not the first time that Hon. Amul is involved in such an action of provocation, which is contrary to the principles of the House that he represents. The first was when he stood and said he was going to protect the assets of ex-President Jammeh as if it was us against them. This is an all-inclusive government and no individual or group would be targeted but we should also respect the laws of this land. We are one Gambia and we should all advance the interest of Gambia. He might be elected by the people of Foni Kansala but he is representing the whole country in Parliament.”

The APRC hasn’t left a good legacy in The Gambia and as a result the well-meaning Gambians have since deserted the party. Though every citizen’s right to association is guaranteed in the constitution, the APRC should realise that the July 22nd coup is not about their party but about what Gambians endured as a result. It is therefore, my opinion that anyone advocating for the celebrations of the day doesn’t mean well for The Gambia.”
Considering the position held by Hon. Amul before and now, he is expected to be on the moral high ground because his children and many others will look up to him for inspiration, therefore, he shouldn’t send an image that will serve as a negative influence for the future leaders of this country. Also, as a member of the Defence and Security Committee of the National Assembly, he should realise that glorifying this dark history of our country would provoke very angry reactions from citizens, especially victims and their families, thus posing a threat to our national security.”

In conclusion, I therefore, urge Hon. Amul to choose his words wisely at all times and also be sensitive the sufferings that Gambians went through in the hands of this tyrant and his henchmen. A word for the wise, they say is enough.

Hon. Fatou K. Jawara,
Member of Parliament for Tallinding

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