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PMO, MoICI confirm Sankareh’s appointment

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By Omar Bah

Following a statement by the director of press at State House Amie Bojang-Sissoho that she did not know about the appointment of Ebrima Sankareh as Government spokesman, The Standard launched an investigation into the matter which left many Gambians baffled not least because of the strange manner the whole thing was handled.

Last week, national broadcaster GRST broke the news of the appointment of Mr Sankareh and picked up by other media. However at her press briefing yesterday, Amie Bojang Sissoho told journalists that she did not know about the appointment.

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“Any official information that comes from the office of the president to the media comes through my office. So if I do not receive it in my office as far as I am concerned, it does not exist. And as far as the appointment of government spokesperson is concerned, it is the minister of information who is responsible for being the spokesperson of the government. My role as it is clearly stated is spokesperson of the president and I do not know how it comes or where it is coming from,” she said.

However The Standard through an anonymous source is privy to Mr Sankareh’s appointment letter from the Personnel Management Office signed by Pateh Jah, the permanent secretary that clearly stated that Mr Sankareh has been appointed government spokesman from June 13.
The letter went ahead to state his term of reference, which included acting as the spokesman of the government.

The Standard also contacted Information Minister Demba Jawo who confirmed he was informed by his permanent secretary about the appointment of Mr Sankareh as Spokesman by the PMO and was expecting him to start work since Monday.
When contacted, Mr Sankareh would not offer much comment only saying that he thinks that the statement by the DPPR was just a storm in tea cup.

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An independent political analyst yesterday told The Standard that the open contradictory nature of news about this appointment does not seem to show harmony in public service.
“A government spokesman cannot be appointed without the knowledge of the president and the secretary general. And in any case, the PMO will not act on such high profile appointment without the highest authority not knowing,” he observed.

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