Police ask unhappy NRP to reschedule meetings in URR


But on Tuesday, the commissioner of administration at the police, Abdoulie Sanyang wrote to the NRP administrative secretary informing him that permission had not been granted for the NRP request “due to the numerous activities going on in the said region during the period mentioned..” and advising on the option of rescheduling the meetings.

But the NRP leader Hamat Bah was displeased and summoned a press conference at his bureau on Kairaba Avenue, yesterday accusing the Inspection General of Police of delaying his party’s convention slated for May. 

Bah who lost all the presidential elections he ever contested and latterly his parliamentary seat, told reporters: “We have applied for a permit to the Inspector General of Police in order to hold our convention and our meetings in Upper River Region for a period of ten days. But  unfortunately  we have received a letter from the police  indicating that our  permit has not been granted  due to  the numerous  activities  going on  in the said region  during the period as mentioned in our programme  schedule,  and  we are asked to reschedule our programme. We will reschedule our programme but it will not stop us to exercise our political mandate. This is a serious blow to our party…”


He said it was the second time his party has been denied permit recalling that they were once given a permit to hold a rally but later they were denied to hold their rally. 


Author: Baba Sillah