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Prelim census results spin interesting stats…’

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However, the recently released preliminary results of the 2013 national census have spun interesting results.

They indicate that females have slightly edged out males by about 22,000 representing 50.5 and 49.5 per cent out of a total population of 1,882,450 counted. The results also indicate that while there are more men in the urban and peri-urban local government areas of Banjul, Kanifing and Brikama; women outnumber men in all the rural regions from Mansa Konko to Basse and Kuntaur.

The results show that more than one-third of Gambians live in the Brikama local government area at 37.2 percent (699,704) compared to only 1.7 per cent (31,301) for Banjul and 4.4 and 5.3 and 6.7 for Mansa Konko, Kuntaur and Janjangbureh areas. Kanifing represents 20.3 per cent. Banjul and Kanifing remain the most densely populated areas with Mansa Konko and Kuntaur faring best.

The Kombo North super district alone has a population (344,756) bigger than the whole of Banjul, Mansa Konko and Kerewan local government areas put together. The island district of Janjangbureh records the smallest number of inhabitants at 3,988 with Niamina Dankunku and Kiang East slightly more populous at 6,097 and 6,849.


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