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President Barrow appoints another adviser

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Yusupha Cham, a prominent politician from Sukuta has been appointed adviser to the President.
According to reliable sources, Mr Cham’s appointment took effect early June.

A popular former Kombo North political heavy weight, Mr Cham comes with a wealth of experience working with the common people throughout his political life, which began decades ago when he contested the then biggest constituency, Kombo North on the ticket of the National Convention Party, NCP, in late 1980s and early 90s.

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He did not win the seat but laid a fine culture of political awareness in the constituency through his shrewd inter personal relations skills. He is a leading figure behind the success of the Coalition, especially in the Sanementereng Constituency. A close friend of Mr Cham described his appointment as another plus to the new government. “He is frank, objective and tolerant and very open to diverse views and opinions. He surely can influence the presidency towards positive national development,” said another veteran Kombo North politician.

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