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President Jammeh praised for youth empowerment


In his remarks at the awards ceremony of the July 22nd 20th anniversary marathon run at the Arch 22, in Banjul, Thursday, Minister Jammeh said: “The president continues to call on young people to join the bandwagon.  If there has been one consistent message throughout, it is the message to the young people by the president that his government is for the young people and by the young people and calling on them to join hands with him to develop this country. He has been very consistent on that and he didn’t stop at calling on the young people; he went on to give them opportunities. If you look at the revolution, it has brought opportunities in education. We have seen many schools from primary, tertiary, and university level, all occupied by young people.”

“Today, the level of consciousness and articulation is very high. This is all possible because of what the president has provided. It is the same story in other sectors; we have homegrown nurses, doctors, lawyers, businesses industries, cellular companies, banks where all the front desks are occupied by the young people. Within just a short period of his leadership, he is able to do all this. So the president did not just call on young people but he went ahead to bring out opportunities. Young people have to work harder to change their attitudes. We have to continue believing in ourselves that we can do it just like the president is doing. If we change attitudes, and are patriotic, responsible, respectful and hard-working, we will develop ourselves, our society and the country.”

The minister said the marathon competition symbolised the vision of the President – boldness and his strong conviction that by ourselves, on our own and supported by genuine partners, we can reach the promise land.

“We can run with our vision, we can run with strong conviction, with our willpower to get to the destination that we desired for ourselves. So all these young boys and girls who ran from Lamin, Tallinding and Banjul Breweries have demonstrated that with strong will they can get there and that is what I will call the audacity of willpower and strong conviction. No matter the challenges on the journey, they have successfully reached the end point at the Arch. This symbolises that we will get to the promised land to develop this country,“ he said.


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