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Rambo rebuffs UDP’s suit challenging his appointment

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By Omar Bah

Barely two weeks, after the main opposition United Democratic Party filed a suit in the Supreme Court challenging the legality of presidential advisers and diplomats active in politics, the deputy ambassador to South Africa, Ousman Rambo Jatta of the APRC, has reacted saying he is not bothered by the suit.

“Mr Ousainu Darboe and his UDP should give us a break. I am not desperate for a job; I am a jack of all trade and I can survive in many other ways apart from this appointment. So let them take a break and leave us alone to work and deliver for The Gambia. We are working for something big for the country, and that’s what we have time for. We don’t have time for petty talks”, Rambo told Star FM’s Wake Up Gambia show to be aired today.

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Rambo added that UDP must know that no one owns the country and what is good for goose is good for gander.

“They selected a lot of ambassadors when they were in cabinet. And in fact what have those ambassadors achieved?” Rambo said.

He said the UDP should stop the distraction and allow people to work.

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“I have been very quiet for the past days and weeks because I am extremely busy. We are working on our ambassador Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay credentials for all the designated countries, and nothing will distract us. The ambassador has started receiving commendations for the rigorous work she has started since assuming office. Some of them are saying they have never seen such commitment from any ambassador from The Gambia. So, if anyone is desperately sitting in The Gambia trying to discredit our appointment, that his or her problem”.

 State of work

The APRC deputy leader said just two weeks ago they were in Mozambique, which is home to about 300 Gambians most of whom are working in the diamond mines.

“They invited us and we went to meet them and I wish you could see the excitement in their faces. They are having a lot of difficulties there in terms of regularising their status, and we are preparing a report that we will send to the Mozambique government for it to consider the plight of these Gambians. Also, we have just returned from Zambia and during our meeting with that country’s president he reminded us about the tangible relationship Zambia used to share with The Gambia. We are also working on securing support in the area of agriculture. So, we are not joking here; let these people leave us alone.

“All these countries in Africa are moving, but all we do in the Gambia is talk without any tangible action. We are tired of this endless rhetoric that does not offer any solutions,” Rambo said.

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