Rawdat reacts to gov’t statement on Ba-Kawsu, Musa Saidy affair


Press release

The Gambia Government has issued, through its Spokesperson, Ebrima G. Sankareh, a statement expressing concern over threats of violence proffered by Imam Ba-Kawsu Fofana and Musa Boto Saidy.

The statement went on to express President Adama Barrow’s defence of the sanctity of human life and that he would not stand by and allow people to take advantage of democracy to “promote extremist violence” in our society. The statement concluded by urging the persons concerned to refrain from mudslinging and instead resort to settle their case be it civil or criminal at a court of law.


The Majmouatou Rawdatul Majaalis hereby expresses its dismay and disappointment at the Government’s press release for addressing only the symptoms of the conundrum instead of tackling its root cause. Rawdat had stated clearly in its 31st July 2021 press release that the spate of verbal violence hurled at a segment of society held in high esteem by the Muslim community (Moroolu/Serigne) from the fringe Wahhabi movement in The Gambia, especially from one of their foolhardy members, Musa Boto Saidy, must stop. The release called on the Gambia Government to take the requisite remedial step to nib in the bud a trend that has all the hallmarks of igniting civil strife. Musa Boto Saidy was the person who, for no apparent reason, spewed insults at Moroolu/Serigne. Musa was not at his first outburst of unsavoury rhetoric directed at cherished and God-fearing Mooroolu/Serigne scholars. It was for this reason Rawdat came up with an umpteenth statement urging the Government to take the bull by the horns and thus bring to a halt a deplorable situation that has the potential of kindling civil unrest. However, the Government’s Spokesperson came up with a statement that sidestepped the real issue. It instead tackled it with parochialism that narrowed it to a problem between two individuals, namely, Imam Ba-Kawsu Fofana and Musa Boto Saidy. Rawdat reckons that the main issue is the sacrilegious language that Musa Boto Saidy and people of his ilk of their Wahhabi cabal direct at the Moroolu/Serigne of the Senegambia sub region and beyond. This is what compelled Imam Ba-Kawsu to resort to the unfortunate threat to end Musa’s life. Rawdat hereby reiterates its call on the Gambia Government and for that matter all well-meaning Gambians to condemn all forms of insults proffered against individuals be they laymen or clerics and take steps designed to stem the unhealthy trend. It is in this vein that Rawdat highly applauds a statement issued today by a highly respected cleric with strongly following in The Gambia by the name of Alhaji Moustapha Sylla of Casamance, Senegal reprehending in no uncertain terms the disrespectful utterances directed at Muslim scholars and urging the Government to perform its rightful role in this regard. Rawdat urges the Government to do likewise in the interest of peace and stability in our only homeland, The Gambia.