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Imam Jah preaches against rising corruption in Gambia

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By Omar Bah

Imam Dr Ousman Jah has expressed concern over the rate of corruption in The Gambia.

The much-respected Imam, who is also the chairman of the National Hajj Commission, made these observations last Friday while delivering sermon at his Kanifing mosque.

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“Corruption is rampant in The Gambia and it has reached a stage where I don’t think there is any Gambian who believes that corruption is a bad thing,” the Fass Omar Chaho born preacher charged.

He continued: “Even if you work in an office and attempt to curb corrupt practices, they will try to destroy you. They will call you all types of names just because you want them to do the right thing. But I want to tell you today that nobody can do anything to you, endeavor to always do what is right and live the rest in the hands of God.”

Dr Jah also urged Muslims to stop being hypocritical and submit to God.

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“I once worked as a mechanic in the public service. I can tell you most of the corruption is happening there because most of those who work there believe the offices and properties there belong to the government, so they don’t care about what happens to them,” he said.

The Imam said he also recalled being sacked from one of the offices he used to work because he attempted to block “a corrupt practice”.

“We have to know that it is God who gives – we should be afraid of God. We should know that corruption cannot give us anything. If you live your entire life through corruption, you will end up using the wealth to pay medical bills or you will die and go to hell,” Dr Jah argued.

He observed that corruption starts with abandoning work before closing time and going to work anytime you like.

“I remember going to a hospital and when I arrived, they told me the doctor has not come to work. Imagine going to a hospital with a seriously ill person and you are told the doctor has not come. You see, we should start being honest to ourselves and everything start with the individual,” he said.

He further preached: “As head of a department you go to buy something from state funds and demand an invoice of D200, 000 for a product that is costing D100, 000. This is what is happening in this country now and it has to stop.”

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