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Re: Gaza conflict


I write to react to a recent letter writer totally condemning the bombardment of the Gaza Strip by Israeli military forces.  Frankly, the incursion by the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu is in order to safeguard the security of Israel. However, I must admit the error of the disproportionate approach taken to quash the unabated firing of deadly rockets into Israel, the result of which is also killing some Israelis in the process. I think both sides are to be blamed for the current conflict. Both Israeli forces and Palestinians deserve a huge portion of blame, particularly the members of the armed Hamas wing. According to some people, the conflict has been there since the time of the pharaohs. History books and scholars have indicated that the Jews are an ingenious and gifted people who kept roving from one place to another in search of a better settlement and comfort.

They were persecuted in the Holocaust by Germans during the Second World War.  Inevitably, they scattered all over the world until an attempt by the West enabled their resettlement in Israel in significant numbers in Palestine, a country they are today claiming to be their rightful birth place. The Jews practise the religion God brought through Prophet Moses and what was the religion of Moses? The only valid answer is given by God himself in the Qur’an in which He said:  “Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. And those who were given the Scripture did not differ except after knowledge had come to them – out of jealous animosity between them. And whoever disbelieves in the verses of Allah then indeed, Allah is swift in [taking] account”. [3:19]. And the two countries are people of the same kith and kin relationship. 

In view of the foregoing, I think the two countries should make references to their history books to resolve their differences before it goes beyond the reach of future mutual embrace.

In fact, Hamas should reconsider Prophet Muhammad’s action leading to the signing of the Hudaibiyyah Treaty, between him and the unbelievers of Mecca. We all know that these are hard times for Palestine which has resulted to the loss of so many lives. Nonetheless, the approach they are using to resolve the conflict is not working hence the need for an end to the prevailing ‘an eye for an eye’ modus operandi. I would like to advise that both parties should give peace a chance in the best interest of their peoples. 


Faatimah Keita Nget

Fajikunda, KMC


In support of Israeli incursion


Dear editor, 


I write to protest at your one-sided and biased reporting and commentaries on the current Israeli Invasion of Gaza in Palestine. Unlike what The Standard and its reporters want us to believe, Israel is not a bloodthirsty nation just interested in killing Palestinians and destroying their homes. The members of Hamas have been constantly firing rockets at innocent Israeli citizens day in, day out. What do you want the Israeli government to do, just fold their arms and do nothing whiles the terrorists are terrorising innocent women and children?

I support Israel to continue Operation Protective Edge and the launching of ground operations into Gaza. The decision to launch a ground incursion into Gaza—targeting tunnels leading into Israel and other terrorist infrastructure—comes after Hamas refused an Egyptian attempt at securing a ceasefire between the two sides on July 15. 

Even though Hamas agreed to a five-hour humanitarian ceasefire—first agreed to by Israel—on July 17, it adamantly refused the opportunity to extend it, by firing more than 50 rockets into Israel immediately thereafter.

Hamas decided it is more interested in continuing to stream rockets indiscriminately into the Jewish state rather than entering into a more permanent ceasefire, and, at the same time, is demonstrating its utter disregard for its own population. 

Since July 8, nearly 1,500 rockets have been fired at Israel. No other country in the world would sit idly while its civilians are under attack, and neither will Israel.

Please The Standard, you are a good newspaper, be more objective in your reporting on the matter.


Michael Ifechi

Manjai Kunda, KMC


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