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Reopening of schools


In about a week or so, schools around the country will reopen for the new academic year. This is usually a very busy time for schools and parents of students. It is a time that the children who are going to new schools go in search of admissions in their school of choice.

It is also a time that parents are extremely busy not only in search of schools for their wards but also uniforms and books. This can be a bit stressful for the parents and guardians. As some schools are very competitive, it is a little difficult for all parents to get admission for their children.

This brings us to the anxiety many parents go through in anticipation of the results of the entrance examinations their wards have taken. If any child does not meet the requirement, then it becomes difficult for his/her parent to get them admission in their chosen school.  This is therefore a tense time for students as well.

Schools administrators go through a lot of pressure to admit students and thus find it very stressful in some cases. Perhaps this is why the Government sets a benchmark which should determine whether a child is admitted in a particular school or not. The goal and focus is access to education for all.

Perhaps it is necessary to remind both parents and teachers, that care should be taken not to put too much pressure on the children because they did not meet a certain requirement, so as not to harm their mental wellbeing. It has been observed that certain levels of pressure sometimes harm children mentally.

That does not however mean that children should not take their education seriously and study hard, in order to come out with good grades which can gain them entrance in schools. This is their future and they should take it with all the seriousness it deserves.

Collaboration is required between the parents and their children on the one hand, and the schools and the ministry on the other, to ensure that the children of this country receive the best form of education without harming their mental wellbeing. All hands should be on deck to ensure the smooth transition from one school to the next, in the case of the children in the country.

Education is the key to development and therefore everyone should be concerned about the schooling of the children. This is a prerequisite for the progress of the country.

Happy new academic year to all schoolchildren and educators!

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