Rotarians are givers, nor receivers


 Mr Paul Odimm Ejwa made this remark on Saturday while addressing three new Rotarians, namely Fabian Akaneme, Abdoulie Drammeh and Oluminde, were being inducted into the Rotary Club of Banjul, an affiliated Gambian chapter of Rotary Club International.

“We are known to be givers and not receivers,” he added. “Therefore, whatever you give belongs to you because it goes back to the community.”

Mr Ejwa said the members of the exclusive club comprise professional people and high profile business personalities.


He added: “Therefore, to become a member, one must belong to these groups of personalities and must be invited by a member of the club, regularly attend and contribute to weekly meetings in order to become inducted as a member of the Rotary Club of Banjul and that qualifies you as an affiliate member of the Rotary International.”

He urged the new Rotarians to be prudent and productive members of the club and help serve the community.

Speaking on behalf of the inductees, Fabian Akaneme, who is the General Manager for Gamstar Insurance Company (IGI), described their acceptance into the exclusive club as an honour. 

“We will do our utmost in taking up the initiatives of the club to its expectations,” he pledged. “Rotarians are known for hospitality by giving and serving the community.”

Dr Momodou A.I.Tekanyi, a prospective member of the club, said: “I am therefore looking forward to being inducted someday because my aim is to serve as a peace ambassador to the Rotary International worldwide. Therefore, I am optimistic that being part of this noble club will strengthen my efforts and fulfil my dream of serving the community.”

The colourful ceremony was done in a form of a reception graced by Rotarians, friends and family members of the inductees. A pin which serves as a symbol of membership was conferred on each of the inductees.