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Sallah identifies agriculture, technology as pillars of development

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Sallah made this call recently at the students’ week of the Gambia Technical Training Institute at the Friendship Hostel in Bakau.

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Mr Sallah said: “You can’t develop society without agriculture and agriculture can’t develop without technology, so we must link agricultural production with technical innovation but that is unconceivable without a bank, so obviously if you want to develop agriculture, you must be able to have a banking system that will be able to provide resources to those producing.”

He said in order to obtain this, the tools and seeds needed for production and a cooperative banking system that will enable family farms should be in place as well as building the appropriate institutions in all the regions.

He added: “No country can become industrial and self-reliant without passing two to three phases of development: we must be able to produce raw material, process raw material, bring the machine that will able to process and this is impossible without having thinkers, inventors and builders to the establishment of formal educational institution.”


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