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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sanyang’s companies still on Jammeh’s frozen assets list, JFPH removed

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A clarification from the Ministry of justice yesterday stated that only one institution, the Jammeh Foundation for Peace Hospital, has been removed from the list of Jammeh’s frozen assets and not companies belonging to Ebrahim Sanyang.

“This is because the JFPH is found to be a public property,” said an official of the ministry.

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On the companies of Ebrahim Sanyang who has been protesting his innocence, stressing he has nothing to do with Jammeh, a statement from Justice clarified that the first bundle of the list sent for publication on Monday did not contain the names of the companies as the items were sectionalized and the first list was bank accounts and properties.

The ministry said that is why they did not feature on the list and it is not because they were removed.

“The third annexure is where the names of companies are contained which has now been sent for publication along with the first batch,” an official clarified yesterday.

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