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School holds open-day forum for students to showcase talent

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Police image-maker, ASP David Kujabi while delivering a statement at the occasion as the guest speaker said: “We are all gifted by God in a certain way and should seek after our talents in order to realise our potentials. While I was at Fatima High School then, it was a nightmare for me to speak in public. I was [one day] called upon to deliver a speech on a chosen topic in a school hall. A day before my presentation I could not sleep because I was so nervous. Before I went to the podium, I thought I lost it all when my name was called but to my surprise I went through it. Today in any intellectual platform I can deliver when I am called upon.” 

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Earlier, John Gomez, the principal of Saint Vincent Senior Secondary School said learning is not only meant to be in the classroom. He said some students are good at academic performances by getting good grades but lack public speaking skills. 

“All of you have a purpose of being on this earth and this is why we were inspired to choose the theme ‘everyone can do something’. We believe our students will get the required knowledge which will make them better public servants upon completion of high school. I want to send gratitude to the parents for choosing this school, while assuring them that the purpose of their children coming to Saint Vincent will be fulfilled.”

Meanwhile, the event started with a march-past by the students and were accompanied by the scout band. This year’s event is the third edition with the new name ‘open day’ from its previous name creative week. It is organised to showcase talent in students in order to prepare for the challenges of the future. Often students find it almost impossible to face the crowd to do a presentation, but a forum like this is tipped to inspire students to be eloquent public speakers. For some of the students, it was an avenue to help them become better persons. The event was also interspersed with performances by students through speeches, debates, drama and dance.


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