School proprieress – Sports important for students to excel beyond classroom


Speaking on Friday at Marina International School, where her school celebrated its annual school inter- house sports competition, she asserted: “This is an annual event which attracts both parents and students to come together to see their children compete each other in sports. We do this to develop game sprit in our students which will contribute immensely towards their development. It is a day when children and their parents celebrate through sports.

“Physical education is part of the school curriculum and we set aside this day to come with students to demonstrate that spirit to see their talents and motivate them in sports. It is an eye-opener, these  kids could be champions in future, that’s why we encourage and bring them together every year and have this sports competition.” 

Acknowledging the indispensability of parents for the success of the endeavour, she added: “Our schools work in partnership with parents, because no one can educate a child without a proper parental care. We supervise children in order to see changes in their lives. We also work with parents as partners in the development of their children. We give children an opportunity to excel beyond the four corners of the classroom.


“I have headed different schools for thirty years from the primary school receiving students from nursery and infant sector to their system. I realised the difficulty children have from those schools are as a consequence of weak foundation which has serious impact on children. Therefore, when I retired I decided to start a school that will bridge that gap. At our school, you can see children reading and writing at the age of five,” she said.


By Sainey Marenah